Treating the youngest children's teeth with absolutely no pain

Composite Fillings

Children as young as 7 months old can start to experience tooth decay. When tooth decay occurs, a filling from a child’s dentist in our clinikccan correct that damage.
We offer composite fillings for children made from a tooth-colored material so as to be nearly undetectable.

For impatient children we offer Twinky Star Glitter Colored Fillings. These specially designed sparking colored fillings are made for children’s teeth. They are easy to use and release kid friendly fluoride against secondary cavities. We offer seven harmless brilliant, shimmery colored fillings that glitter and make filling cavities fast, easy and fun. Your child will be excited to choose from among orange lemon yellow, shamrock green, brilliant orange, ocean blue, passionate pink, and glistening gold or silver. Now your children can look forward to their dental treatment with a generous sprinkling of sparkle in their fillings!

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